Friday, 22 April 2011

Erik Spiekermann: Typeface Design

I found this really engaging, German based Typographer and Graphic Designer Erik Spiekermann recently talked with Gestalten TV about language, visual culture and the process of designing typefaces. This interview intelligently captures the relevance of Graphic Design and its influence on visual culture.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Yearbook Cover Ideas

I had a play with looking at the presentation of the cover, suggesting different ways of communicating unseen and testing layout possibilities. I really like the look of just using a simple print process to communicate the unseen concept on the cover.

Meeting to Address Spreads with Emma

Based upon feedback from the rest of the group it was agreed that the photography layouts needed more consistency and so myself and Emma sat down to discuss and work together to solve how to make the flow of information more structured. This was a good opportunity for us to sort out any issues regarding what we thought the book should look like.

The grid system has now added rows which i suggested. This keeps the information more concsistent across the book and adds in specific row heighs which can be continued throughout the book.

The internal title page also now aligns left as I suggested.

The columns for the individual internal pages have now changed from 4, 3 and 2 column widths to just 3 and 2. This makes the layout more consistent and it was agreed that the 3 column allowed us larger image quality and optimum words per line and space on the page.

The headers are all a consistent 12pt and body text is in 7.8pt. Headers are also lit with a regular/bold appearance to add emphasis to the concept of 'unseen'.

Adjusted Book 05.04

Friday, 1 April 2011

Unseen Layouts: Full Book

I took control of making the mock-up of the publication that we are creating for the photography students. Overall it gave me a good indication of how each of the layouts fit together and how I needed to rectify them for the book to have an interesting yet consistent flow.

+ Particular annoyances we to do with inconsistently sized fonts, differences used in bold/italic/regular etc and uneven use of spacing and lines which were to be a subtle feature of the design. I completely gutted the book of inconsistencies.

I think these inconsistencies will dilute the design of the cover, and the concept of unseen. Each layout seems so detached from the next. I adjusted grid system to accommodate 6 rows with a 12 column grid.