Monday, 31 January 2011

Statement of Intent

"Identity design and visual solutions that rely on simple communication for the cultural and creative sector."

Some things to think about

+ Audience reaction

+ Testing in context

+ Real-world research

+ Pop-up shop zine publication

+ Real-world production and contextualization

+ Sell work, how do you get them online? How does it work and what are the different ways of accessing an online shop? Do you host an exhibition? What is the product packaged in? Does it have an exclusivity or limited run and how does this affect pricing?

+ Record label: How do record labels promote? Through record shops, website? What deliverables would you expect? How does the industry work? e.g. Relationship to bands, press, event hosters, merchandise.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Position Statement Surgery Prep

Last year my position statement started off as "High end identity design and visual solutions driven by layout and aesthetics for quality print and web distribution". A tad wordy and much of this has changed in only a few months.

I feel that in terms of end product labels such as identity design are far too specific and in terms of showing an ability of typography skills I should consider that range of end product that it can be applied to. My process of design is not necessarily driven by layout and aesthetics but it it more. And I feel using the term quality is vague and although I may swing towards a certain type of look the outcome may not be quite the "high-end" I imagine because it is determined by the client.

Based upon the work I produced for the last module and where my practice is heading I have revised my position statement; "Typography and layout based visual solutions with a focus on simple communication."

Statement of Intent

I intend to fulfill my position statement, by creating a number of briefs that look at identity design with the potential of being spread across print and web distribution, research led investigations leading to looking at type-based visual solutions with the potential for expansion onto print and web application.
(more to be posted)

Design Context Workshop

Typography - typefaces, characters, layout, experimental, themed/interpretations
Layout - Grids, experimentation
Print - Finishes, hand-made, formats, process, publication
Web - Interactivity
Art Direction - Events, line of product

Colour - Monotone, limited, spot, experimentation
Places - Modes of travel, cities, local, european
Screenprint - T-shirts, posters
Promotion - Events, posters, identity, exhibitions, cultural/creative events, pop-up shops

Possible Context Solutions
A visual investigation into typography with a focus on use of colour.
A typographical look into methods of transportation focussing european travel.
An investigation in use of monotone within screen-printing with a focus on typography.
A print-based investigation into promotional media focussing on typography.
A type based investigation into colour with a focus on.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Next Month: Amsterdam

In preparation for visiting amsterdam next month I have decided that it may be quite appropriate to at least visit 1 design studio whether my partner likes it or not, or at least attempt to. Scouting around one which I really like the look of is MainStudio, they enjoy typography and layout led work for publication and identity design and they dabble with illustration. Florian Mewes works as a graphic designer in Amsterdam and her website shows a breadth of commercially driven work for publication, web and identity design. Both are definitely worth a look whilst I am over there.

Working Format

Looking at interesting formats, Tim Wan used a particular format for one of his briefs submitted for the last module, the format allowed the end-user to pick up the documents as a booklet, but hidden inside was a poster format on the reverse and relied on a carefully placed slit that follows in the middle of the document. Stumbling again here I found some interesting type-based work by Working Format from across the Atlantic.

The piece of work below is a, to quote "A group poster and type specimen showcasing work from the students of the 2008/09 Type Media masters course in the Hague, Netherlands. Each project is shown in book format and unfolds to unveil an oversized poster highlighting various aspects of the students' projects." What drew me to this piece of work was mainly the typefaces on the reverse of the document and the print finish. The relationship between the design of the back and the information within the booklet works really well. I'd really enjoy having a flick through this.

I am

Beautiful inspiration from designer Paul Fuog at his studio COOP. I adored this project "I am a circle", to quote "The book presents 13 distinct characteristic of the circle; simple, infinite, totality, space, precise, united, harmonious, community, pure, eternal, inclusive, continuos and centred. Each characteristic is supported with a visual representation. The book is pad bound so that individual pages can be torn out to stand-alone". The print finish is well considered and I would love to have one of these sitting on the bookshelf at home. I am also rather fond of his website, the layout and interactivity is really engaging and inspiring.
This kind of project reminds me of the early stages in my degree looking at colour and type, dissecting and building, based upon my research here I am slowly finding an appropriate subject matter for my book.

One Weekend

The One Weekend Book Series I found whilst stumbling over its nice that. A very interesting and original approach that reminds me of my types of cities brief, the interesting part about his project was that the book was only based on a weekend trip and the book could not be created using digital illustration or be part constructed by computers, it was hand done. Really nteresting and has given me ideas for the book fair this March.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Poster Format

Using the new identity I have decided to propose an event that will launch the new image of all aboard records. The event will be called "Ahoy" picking up on the nautical connotations of the branding. Looking at Dan Lancaster's work before I really liked the piece of work he produced for Lord Whitney, in particular the format being immensely long. I decided to look elsewhere for inspiration but in-keeping with the same idea.

Below: Sing Statistics (

Below: "Sing" Screenprint by Walter Hansen via Behance

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Caseroom Press Show & Tell

Barrie Tullet came to the studio on friday and I thought he was definitely work a write-up. The Caseroom Press predominantly works with design for book and Barrie brought us some lovely specimens of his work and gave me some inspiration for the Leeds Book fair in 2 months.
His work reminded me that it is not just about the precision and crafting but an interesting subject and passion about what the content discusses that makes a book.

Below: The Last

Below: Personal Spaces

Below: Flat Pack

Below: The Case Magazine

Daniel Lancaster

Daniel Lancaster currently works for digital agency Brass. I met him at a Christmas party just before Christmas and have been in touch with him since, he showed me a bit of is work and I love what he does with typography.

All Aboard Records Logo

Based upon the research that I collected I went abou creating my own typeface based upon a life belt icon which is now the icon of the identity itself. I chose this base upon a quote I sampled from my client about "giving a helping hand" which is where the life-belt comes in helping people out, its circular shape with lighter areas also links to the appearance of a CD or vinyl. For these reasons I believe that this icon rather than an anchor or helm represents more about what the brand is about. Based upon this icon and my type research I created an uppercase font with some selected glyphs and numbers. I tested various layout arrangements, I personally preferred this one as it reminded me of it being placed on the side of a boat. The logo is 1 colour in a nautical navy, however the colour may change with it's application.

All Aboard Type Treatments

The Identity of All Aboard Records will be type-based, in research I have selected a few images that have helped identify the certain aspects that the client and I negotiated. I am interested in creating a new typeface as well as selecting an existing one.

Above: Nous Vous
Below: Block Type via Typography Served

Above: Walter Hanson via Typography Served
Below: Various images from You Work for Them