Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Science Museum Logo Signage, Research and Initial Ideas

Johnson Banks webpage (below).

To get a feel for the existing material of the national science museum I started looking at existing material to do with the look and feel including posters, interior signage and related material. Hopefully this will give me a much more directed visual presentation of the exhibition.

The typeface design was by Johnson Banks:

"After experimenting with several routes, the chosen idea stemmed from research we did on codes, puzzles, patterns and basic digital typefaces, and we found a way to shorten the word science so we could create a grid-like ‘stack’ of the letterforms. We also began to experiment with slightly abstracted letterforms as we noticed that ‘science’ and ‘museum’ were relatively generic words."

Despite finding the typeface details online I could not find the actual typeface. I did however quickly vectorise the logo design and began applying it to material such as the possible bags for the exhibition (below).

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