Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Design Development for Context Calendar

I started playing around with the format today for the design context publication. I chose to design a calendar on a personal decision, I felt it would be something far more unusual and if crafted well reflect my practice at its best. I also chose it for it's longevity and the more engaging value of having a calendar in constant view for a year, I feel I would love to have this calendar on my wall than a book that collects dust on a shelf.

Based upon the ongoing research that I have been undertaking on the blog for my design practice the calendar will form a achromatic documentation of several typographers and design studios that have influenced my practice over the past year or so. The calendar will give an opportunity for any new designers starting out in type design a good number of designers to look out for and links of books and websites that are particularly useful.

I liked the idea of showcasing a particular piece of type on the front of the calendar with a perforated peel-off design so that the back ban be read for more information on the designer/typographer.

The document below illustrates the layout and the order of the selected designers that will be used for the calendar design.

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