Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Raw Type Initial Ideas and Research

Visually presenting sound seems quite challenging and perhaps difficult because of the fact that it is invisible. Upon initial research I found various scientific theories surrounding sound particularly within the field of speed and breaking different sound barriers, such as the Mach scale.

The Doppler effect is a science I thought was rather interesting as the diagram below explains:

The source of a waveform—such as sound or light—sends out a wave at a regular rate or frequency. But if that source is moving, it starts to catch up to waves in the direction of motion, as well as pulls away from the waves opposite the motion. The velocity of the waveform does not change, but the wavelength and frequency does change due to the motion of the source.

This causes the wavelength in the direction of motion to be shorter and their frequency higher. Likewise, the waves moving in the direction opposite the motion of the source will have longer wavelengths and lower frequencies.

There are many videos within youtube of aircraft flights that show this doppler effect and the breaking of the sound barrier. Really interesting and have started drawing sketches based upon the waves represented by the diagram above. The challenge of all this is to create something that will by visually engaging but also be somewhat in the realms of readable. I do doubt that symbolism of letterforms will be sufficient for a good shot at the placement in Manchester.

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