Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Raw Type Initial Drawings and Sketches

Based upon the initial research into looking at the breaking of sound barriers I started sketching some initial ideas using circular patters to create abstracted letterforms.
Going back to the initial image that i had collected as part of my initial research the best simple solution i had found was using the pattern of rings with a thicker line going through to illustrate a letterform through this line's direction and length.

To best communicate the difference between what would be a moving object and the resulting sound waves a thicker line was created to best illustrate what was going on within each letterform. A variety of weights were tested below to best represent the letter forms within a variety of scales.

I also started to experiment here with breaking the concept down that I had created to make a more simple and less conceptual creation. This other typeface could be integrated as an actual face besides being a simply decorative piece.

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